Case of Work Fraud to a Cruise Ship Gede Doni Claims in Miami, Immigration Version D

Case of Work Fraud to a Cruise Ship

Gede Doni Confess in Miami, Immigration Version of Doni and Fredy Still in Bali

SERIRIT – The police are continuing to explore cases of alleged fraud that are detrimental to I Kadek Yusadana, 50 residents of the Banjar Padma Kencana Office, Telaga Village, Busungbiu.

The police even continued to trace the whereabouts of Gede Doni Wiantana, 20, who mysteriously disappeared after depositing Rp 250 million to one of those who was going to send Gede Doni to a cruise ship named Komang Adi Setiadi alias Fredy, a resident of Lokapaksa Village, Seririt. –
Based on a number of information obtained by the police, both from the family of Gede Doni's father, relatives and close friends of Gede Doni, the police have not been able to confirm the whereabouts of Gede Doni and Komang Adi Setiadi alias Fredy.

Although recently Gede Doni's parents, Kadek Yusadana claimed to have made direct contact via the video call telephone line with Gede Doni.

At that time Gede Doni said he was in Miami, United States. During a video call with his father, Gede Doni claimed to be on a cruise ship by showing sea views as if the person concerned was on a cruise ship.

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