Following are some of the Ala Ayuning Adult (Bad Good Day) meetings for

Following are some of the Ala Ayuning Adult (Bad Good Day) meetings for

Here are some Adult Ala Ayuning (Good and Bad) meetings for Thursday June 25 according to the Saka (Balinese) calendar:
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1. Amerta Dewa. Good to do Panca Yadnya especially Dewa Yadnya, build holy places / worship, make barns or kitchens

2. Amerta Gati. Good for starting a business, farming

3. Asuajeg Down. Good for making timid, growing rice, beans, betel. hunting, making sound instruments, kentongan, gamelan, bells, etc.

4. Ayu Nulus. Good for all businesses

5. The God of Gliding. Good for making sacred buildings, Dewa Yadnya and Pitra Yadnya

6. Adult Mentas. Good for doing all kinds of yadnya, purification ceremony (cleansing), giving advice (advice), giving useful directions, and good for building

7. Geheng Manyinget. Not good for all important work including doing yadnya because a lot of disturbances

8. When caught. Good for making scatter, nets, weapons

9. When Jengking. Good to start learning to dance, beat, make bubu, seser, nets. Not good for Manusa Yadnya, marriage, haircut ceremony

10. When you are free. Good for making tunnels, planting cassava or tubers

11. When Pati Jengkang. Good for holding sabungan

12. When the King. Good for all jobs, mengkat or appoint officials or prospective officials

13. When Sor. It is not good to work with the land such as plowing, planting, making tunnels

14. Pepedan. Good for opening new agricultural land. Not good for making equipment from iron

15. Sedana Yoga. Good to make trading tools, trading places, start selling because it will be cheap fortune

16. Shiva Sampurna. Good for all types of ceremonies, start studying / practicing, building all kinds of buildings
Reference: Jyotisha, Wariga Bali, calenderbali (dot) org and the writer's own understanding
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