Here are some meetings for Ala Ayuning Rahina (Bad and Good Day)

Here are some meetings for Ala Ayuning Rahina (Bad and Good Day)

Here are some of the meetings of Ala Ayuning Rahina (Bad and Good Days) for Tomorrow, Friday 25 September 2020 (Sukra Wage Kuningan Saka 1942) according to the calculation of the Saka (Bali) Calendar:
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1. Carik Walangati. It is not good to do marriage / wiwaha, atiwa-tiwa / ngaben and build a house

2. Geni Rawana. Good for any work that uses fire. It is not good to roof the house, melaspas, cultivate crops.

3. Kala Bancaran. Good for making weapons, spurs, slicing (large knife for slicing or for tapping sap)

4. Kala Buingrau. Good to chop wood, make bubu, adore Pitra. It is not good to build, roof a house

5. Kala Caplokan. Good for making fishing gear such as fishing rods (hooks), nets, nets, traps, materials for bait

6. Kala Ngadeg. Good for making gates, yard walls, fences, chicken cages (guwungan), complaints, starting to raise confined chickens, building ponds / dams

7 … when you are paralyzed. It is not good to move house, start raising chickens, ducks, cows, buffaloes, goats, pigs (livestock)

8 … when it appears. Not good for marriage adults (marriage)

9. Melting Awu. It is not good to perform wiwaha / wedding ceremonies, meetings, building houses, roofing houses. Good for building irrigation

10. Panca Prawani. Not good for adult ayu

11. Purwanin Dina. Not good as a mature ayu

12. Sri Murti. It is good to offer yadnya to Dewi Sri in the barn

13. Sri Stack. Good for looking for birds (attracting)

14. Taliwangke. Good for attaching rope in rice fields or in the garden, repairing fences, making ropes for rice / inanimate objects. It is not good to start working on the weaving threads, making cattle ropes
References: Jyotisha, Wariga Bali, kalenderbali (dot) org and the writer's own understanding
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