[Open House FISIP 2020] Hello, finally what has been waiting for has arrived, Is that

(FISIP 2020 Open House)
Hello, finally what has been waiting for has arrived,
Is that? That's right, FISIP 2020 Open House! 🎉
So for you brothers / sisters in high school / K who are still confused looking for college or who are still kepo with the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) in this Open House event, all your doubts will be answered completely.

In this event, you will get information, namely:
√ Know what FISIP is.
√ Know what is learned at FISIP.
√ Knowing the employment prospects of FISIP graduates.
√ Know the world of lectures at FISIP.
√ Consultation of selected study programs.

And you also get TRY OUT PROBLEMS UTBK 👌

This event will be held on:
March 21, 2020
.📌8.00 Wita
.📌 Ruang Nusantara Agrokomplex Building FL..4, Udayana University Campus, Sudirman.

So, what are you waiting for? immediately register yourself on the link: http://bit.ly/OpenHouseFISIP2020

Registration opens: February 22-March 19, 2020.

FREE ENTRY !! 🎉 But for the continuity of the event, you can contribute with us by bringing donations in the form of:
. √ Books / Stationery
. √ Worthy clothes

What we will later contribute to the Smiling Bali Reading House Foundation and the Dria Raba Blind Educational Foundation.

Free snacks! Don't forget to bring your own tumblr! 🍃

Sprott: 0821 45399549
Jun: 0877 73948007
Chian: 089695993272


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